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Hey, eager readers! So this week we have split into production teams and have started brainstorming themes for our investigative feature stories.

Personally, I am really interested in the politics of online spaces. I make frequent use of platforms which I’m aware do a great job of appearing a-political whilst using my involvement to consolidate their own power.

Techno-cute‘ was coined by anthropologist Brian McVeigh as the phenomenon of making digital technologies appear overly friendly in order to disguise their inherent coldness, and I would argue, their existence as hegemonic sites.

How Search Works?

Google Search actually runs on cute, innocuous scribbles.

As someone who uses social platforms to get involved with local activism, I am also interested in the flip-side of the story: that these interfaces are so goddamn adorable, and popular, they are a protected resource for people who do use them to organise politically. Similarly, with a name like ‘Cute Cat Theory,’ how could I not want to find out more?

Maybe I could suggest an investigation in to how activists use internet fat cats, like Facebook and Google, to empower social movements, and what the risks/contradictions are for making use of such enterprises.

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