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How can we support the wom*n shamed by Revenge Porn?

How can we support the wom*n shamed by Revenge Porn?

Ok so activism is out and porn is in, it seems. We will be narrowing our website down to fighting revenge porn platforms which, unlike other 2.0 sharing platforms, not only exploit content made by users (Livingstone 2005) but commodify a lack of consent in the content uploaded.

We have decided to choose this focus for our investigative feature as it engages with many capabilities of convergence culture – Peer 2 Peer business models, simplified content creation, video and image capabilities and, perhaps more worrying, the ability to tag content to personal social media profiles.

Generally framed as empowering the individual, the sublimes lawlessness of cyberspace (Hinton and Hjorth 2013: 22-23) is the greatest challenge to preventing business models and social groups forming around non-contactual sexual assault.


Facts in Figures

  • 90% of revenge porn victims are female 
  • 49% of revenge porn victims have been harassed online by users who saw their material 
  • 59% of revenge porn images include full names. 49% include social media info. 
  • 1 in 10 ex-partners have threatened to expose risqué photos of their ex online 

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