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A good platform...

A good platform…

In their book, Spreadable Media, Jenkins, Ford and Green discuss Thompson’s (1978,79) theorization of “Moral Economy.” In which morality, or belief in a moral exchange, is what consolidates and sustains market relations.

Revenge porn seems to market on quite the opposite value-system (some might think) in which an alternate morality (of women or lover-shaming) operates over business parameters.

I found it affronting visiting the revenge porn site The Dirty and analysing the way photographs of women are framed. Often they are pictures which would not be considered porn in any other context, however, due to the comments and collaboration of the revenge community the become something else.

As Pink (2012) suggests technology enables us to distance the object of a photo from its meaning, which is rendered fluid to the journey of the photographer who has produced them.

Warning: A screenshot of a comment below a picture from The Dirty.

Revenge Porn blogger's take on identity formation through social media

Revenge Porn blogger’s take on identity formation through social media



We want to pitch our website to Jezebel, a gossip and lifestyle site that is part of the portfolio of Gawker Media, specifically branded to target women in their 20’s and 30’S, with a strong feminist bent.

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Our kinda platform

I liked the sound of it so I did some more research about our future platform…

Revenge Porn is a hot topic on Jezebel, with 12 stories on the theme released this year, the past two prompted over 200 comments from readers. These stories however have not managed to escape the daily news cycle focusing on snap events in the revenge porn narrative such as the passing of laws and statements made by so called ‘sexstortionists.’

Even better Jezebel users are already active participants in the site’s content. Between Jezebel’s Twitter and Facebook pages they have over 500,000 followers and thanks to some pre-Web 2.0 appreciation there are some forum fiends among Jezebel readers too.